In this in-depth critique and analysis of the film ET, Common Sense Media offers insightful commentary. They examine many facets of the movie from an expert point of view, stressing its plot, characters, and overall impact. Come along as we examine their in-depth analysis of this renowned cinematic classic.

1. Introduction

We will offer a thorough critique of the film ET in this piece, based on Common Sense Media’s review. Steven Spielberg is the director of the science fiction picture ET, sometimes referred to as E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. After its 1982 premiere, it swiftly rose to fame as a genre classic. The film tells the tale of Elliott, a little child who makes friends with an alien that is stuck on Earth. Elliott and the alien, whom he names ET, develop a closer relationship as they work to figure out how to get ET back home throughout the whole movie. The film ET has received accolades for its innovative spectacular effects, endearing narrative, and enduring cast of characters. A thorough assessment of the film is offered by Common Sense Media, which highlights its educational value, good themes, and any possible concerns that parents should be aware of. To find out more about the topics, information, and general influence of ET, let’s delve deeper into this examination.

1.1. What is Common Sense Media?

One well-known source of objective and reliable reviews of films, TV series, books, video games, and other media is Common Sense Media. Their goal is to support caregivers, educators, and parents in making educated choices regarding the media their kids are exposed to. With a team of knowledgeable reviewers and an extensive rating system, Common Sense Media provides insightful opinions on the suitability of different media for different age groups, their educational value, and their general quality. In the current digital era, Common Sense Media is essential in making sure that kids are exposed to suitable and helpful content by offering comprehensive information and suggestions.

1.2. Importance of Movie Reviews

Reviews of movies are very important in today’s entertainment world. They offer insightful commentary and well-considered reviews of movies, assisting viewers in choosing what to see. Regardless of the film’s genre—blockbuster or indie—movie reviews provide a thorough examination of all the elements of the picture, including the plot, acting cast, director, cinematography, and overall entertainment value.

Moviegoers can determine whether a specific film suits their interests and tastes by reading reviews about it. In addition, they might steer clear of unsatisfactory films that fall short of their expectations or unearth hidden treasures. Movie reviews serve as a roadmap, assisting viewers in navigating the wide selection of films that are released annually.

Moreover, movie reviews add to the greater discourse about the film industry. They allow movie buffs to explore further into the themes, sentiments, and creative decisions made by directors by igniting conversations and arguments. Reviews can highlight the significance of movies beyond simple amusement by illuminating their cultural and societal effects.

In the instance of ET, a thorough examination by Common Sense Media can offer insightful information on this well-liked picture. Given Common Sense Media’s reputation for proficiency in assessing media material for kids and families, parents and caregivers will find their assessment of ET to be especially instructive. Through a close examination of their interpretation, viewers can discover more about the topics and values the film explores, as well as how appropriate the picture is for various age groups.

To sum up, movie reviews are important for everyone who enjoys movies, including casual viewers. They’re a useful resource for choosing films to view with knowledge and they also add to the conversation about movies in general. One excellent example of how movie reviews may provide insightful information about a specific film and assist viewers in navigating the enormous realm of entertainment is Common Sense Media’s in-depth analysis of ET.

1.3. Purpose of the Article

This article’s goal is to present a thorough critique of the film “ET” from the standpoint of Common Sense Media. The goal of Common Sense Media is to give families and parents reliable, unbiased information on media and entertainment choices. We will examine the movie’s themes, material, and age-appropriateness in this piece. Readers will obtain important insights about the film’s educational and entertaining worth as well as any possible worries or issues that may arise while viewing “ET” by analyzing the movie through the prism of Common Sense Media.

1.4. Who Should Read This Article?

This section is meant for those who want to learn more about Common Sense Media and are interested in a thorough critique of the film ET. This post will provide you a thorough analysis of ET, regardless of whether you are a fan of the film, a parent debating whether to show your child, or someone who is just interested in the topics and ideas covered.

1.5. How to Use Common Sense Media for Movie Reviews

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2. Content and Ratings

The goal of Common Sense Media’s article ET Movie Review: A Comprehensive Analysis is to offer a thorough critique of the film ET. It explores a number of topics, including the film’s overall impact, themes, characters, and plot. The review seeks to educate readers about the film’s content by noting both its good and maybe worrisome aspects. It talks about how appropriate the film is for various age groups and offers ratings and suggestions based on the standards set by Common Sense Media. The review also highlights the film’s educational value and uplifting sentiments. All things considered, it provides a thorough overview that aids viewers in making decisions on whether or not to watch ET and what to anticipate from it.

2.1. Age Appropriateness

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2.2. Violence and Action

Action and Violence:

While there are some violent and action moments in the film ET, they are not as severe as in other movies of the same genre. A few times, characters are in danger—for example, when ET is being pursued by government officials or when the kids are in danger while attempting to assist ET. But there isn’t any explicit or graphic violence depicted on film. The story is made more exciting by the skillfully performed action scenes, which never veer too close to the edge of excessive violence.

Parents need to be advised that these scenes may be emotional or suspenseful to younger or more sensitive viewers. It is advised to view the film with kids and talk to them about any worries they may have. All things considered, ET’s handling of action and violence is suitable for a family movie.

2.3. Language and Profanity

Terminology and Adversity

There is very little cursing or profanity used in the film ET. While there are a few scenes in which people use light profanity, the vocabulary throughout the movie is generally family-friendly. It is unlikely that most viewers will find the language used offensive because it is age-appropriate. It is noteworthy that the film relies less on excessive language and more on encouraging friendship and good communication.

2.4. Positive Messages and Role Models

Good Insights and Exemplars

For viewers of all ages, the film ET is a fantastic example of a positive role model and is full of positive themes. The strength of compassion, love, and friendship is emphasized throughout the movie. It emphasizes the significance of loyalty and sticking together in the face of difficulty, as well as the significance of accepting those who may be different from ourselves. Elliott, the main character, offers a great example for viewers by showing courage, compassion, and generosity toward ET, the alien creature.

Ratings and Content

Regarding content, ET has a few sequences that could be too intense for younger children and some moderate language. On the whole, nevertheless, the film has a pleasant and upbeat tone. Considering its topics and positive messages, Common Sense Media grades the movie as appropriate for viewers 6 years of age and up. The film’s depiction of Elliott and ET’s close relationship is especially remarkable because it highlights the value of sincere relationships and the strength of friendship and love.

2.5. Educational Value

The movie ET has a high educational value, according to Common Sense Media. The movie examines friendship, empathy, and the creative process—themes that both kids and adults can learn from. The narrative also addresses the value of understanding and communication since the individuals have to establish a connection with ET, a visitor from another planet. ET also inspires viewers to embrace curiosity and venture into the unknown by showcasing the delights of science fiction. All things considered, ET has a commendable educational value, which makes it a valuable option for anyone looking for stimulating and instructive material.

3. User Reviews and Comments

User Evaluations and Remarks:

– Fantastic film! Both the storyline and the images were intriguing. Strongly advised!

– I thought the film was really dull. The characters lacked depth and the plot was predictable. Ridiculously hyped.

ET is an enduring masterpiece that never fails to bring me to tears. It’s a touching tale that should be seen by all.

My impression of the film was negative. The tempo was too slow for my taste, and the special effects were old.

I cherished ET! It’s a lovely movie that imparts valuable knowledge on acceptance and friendship.

– Sci-fi enthusiasts should not miss this film. I was gripped from start to finish by the suspense and amazing alien design.

– ET wasn’t as enjoyable as I had anticipated. The emotional moments didn’t connect with me, and it lacked depth.

You’ll be thinking about ET long after the credits have rolled. It’s a masterpiece. A real treasure in film.

3.1. Real-life Experiences

The popularity and lasting influence of the film ET are demonstrated through user reviews and comments. Once they seen this touching movie, many viewers shared their own stories and feelings. ET is a timeless classic that never fails to warm the hearts of viewers of all ages, according to one user. They complimented the film’s outstanding narrative, endearing characters, and intense emotional resonance. An further user expressed that ET struck a deep chord with them, bringing back memories and serving as a reminder of the strength of friendship. They lauded the movie for its ability to encapsulate childhood’s magic and innocence. Many users also praised the cast for their outstanding performances, highlighting the young actor who portrayed Elliot in particular. They emphasized the sincere and emotional acting that gave the narrative more nuance and realism. Overall, the user reviews and comments highlight ET’s enduring charm and broad appeal, making it a beloved movie that still enthralls viewers around.

3.2. Parental Feedback

User Opinions and Remarks

Parental Opinion:

Regarding the film ET, a lot of parents have expressed their opinions and suggestions. Most of them enjoy the movie because of its endearing themes and timeless narrative. They say that because it covers significant subjects like acceptance, friendship, and empathy, it’s a fantastic film for both kids and adults. Parents also commend the ensemble for their excellent performances, particularly that of the young actor who portrayed Elliot.

Concerns have been raised by some parents over the movie’s powerful and emotional sequences, stating that they could be too much for young children or those with sensitive stomachs. Nonetheless, the majority of parents believe that these scenes are essential to expressing the film’s rich emotional range and overarching message.

Parents report that there is very little violence and a few gentle action scenes in terms of content. They like that there isn’t any foul language or graphic material. Nonetheless, some parents have brought up the fact that the film has sequences with individuals who are smoking or drinking, which they feel should be taken into account when determining what age children should watch it.

Parental reviews of ET are overwhelmingly positive overall; many see it as a timeless masterpiece that may provoke thought-provoking conversations and provide important life lessons.

3.3. Engaging with the Community

Interacting with the public is a crucial component of user feedback and comments for Common Sense Media’s in-depth review of the ET film. The community’s thoughts and viewpoints offer insightful analysis of the movie’s many facets, such as its effect on various age groups, its overall entertainment value, and the underlying topics it explores.

People have a platform to share their opinions, feelings, and personal experiences with the film through user reviews and comments. As a result of this engagement, movie buffs feel more connected to one another and are able to interact with people who share their interests.

Users that actively participate in the conversation surrounding the ET movie can learn more about the merits and demerits of the picture as well as its continued relevance in the current cinematic world. The community’s input shapes and polishes individual viewpoints, offering a comprehensive analysis of the film.

Participating in the community also enables users to find different perspectives and meanings that they might not have thought of on their own. It enhances the entire movie-watching experience by promoting thought-provoking discussions and arguments.

In conclusion, Common Sense Media’s thorough examination of the ET film heavily relies on user evaluations and comments. By offering a forum for community involvement, they encourage dialogue and enable people to extend their horizons by exchanging knowledge and experiences.

3.4. Balancing Different Opinions

User Opinions and Remarks

A crucial component of film evaluation is taking into account the views and feedback of the audience. User evaluations can assist prospective viewers in making well-informed judgments and offer insightful information about a film’s general reception. The diverse perspectives represented in the film ET have elicited a wide range of opinions from its viewers.

The film has received accolades from several viewers for its endearing plot and endearing characters. They value how emotionally complex and heartwarming the relationship between ET and the young protagonist is. These glowing reviews frequently draw attention to the performers’ outstanding performances, especially those of the young actors who give believable roles. In addition, a lot of spectators appreciate how well the movie combines science fiction with an endearing human tale.

Conversely, other viewers have a more critical opinion of the ET film. several contend that the movie explores several subjects superficially and leans too much on sentimentality. They think that the storyline should have gone more in-depth in examining how ET’s arrival has affected society and tackled various moral issues in greater detail. It’s crucial to remember, though, that even these critical evaluations recognize the movie’s technical accomplishments, including its ground-breaking special effects and John Williams’ renowned orchestral score.

Overall, there is a wide range of perspectives in the user reviews and comments about the ET film. It is imperative that prospective viewers evaluate these varied viewpoints in light of their personal interests and expectations. They will then be able to decide for themselves whether or not the movie suits their interests and tastes.

3.5. Considering Multiple Factors

User Opinions and Remarks

Analysis of user reviews and comments is essential when examining how a movie is perceived overall. Viewers from many walks of life have discussed and voiced their opinions about the ET movie on multiple occasions. These evaluations and remarks offer insightful perspectives on how the general public views the movie.

Some reviewers gave the film high marks for its endearing plot and the emotional bond it makes with viewers. They were impressed by the cast’s superb performances, especially those of the young actors who played Elliott and E.T.’s friendship. Many spectators thought the film was a timeless masterpiece that held audiences’ attention for decades after it was released.

However, some people’ thoughts on the film were divided. many accepted the movie’s influence and cultural significance, but many thought some of its elements—like the pacing or special effects—were outdated by today’s standards. However, the overwhelmingly good evaluations exceeded these criticisms.

The majority of user evaluations and comments show that viewers all across the world are still thinking about the ET movie. It is clear that the movie has had a lasting impression on a lot of people, and both fresh and seasoned viewers still adore it.


In conclusion, audiences may learn a lot from Common Sense Media’s in-depth review of the ET film. Their review emphasizes the film’s universal appeal, poignant narrative, and inspirational themes. Filmgoers of all ages are enthralled with ET, a renowned classic thanks to its innovative visual effects and unforgettable performances.