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Top 10 Best Documentary Movies on Netflix

Watching documentaries is a fantastic method to gain insight into other communities, lifestyles, and historical periods. Netflix has a large library of documentaries available on a wide range of subjects. Our selection below includes the top 10 must-see documentaries now streaming on Netflix. These documentaries cover a wide range of topics, from moving personal accounts to hotly debated public policy debates. So unwind and take in the show!

1. Introduction

If you’re looking for high-quality internet documentaries, go no further than Netflix. Netflix has a wide variety of films for viewers to choose from, including innovative explorations of the oceans and heartwarming tales of survival and success. Here is a list of the top 10 documentaries now streaming on Netflix that you shouldn’t miss. So unwind, take it easy, and get ready to be moved, informed, and amused.

1.1. The popularity of documentaries on Netflix

The rise of streaming services like Netflix has made documentaries more widely available, and their popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. Many individuals today use Netflix only when they want to see a documentary that will make them think or teach them something new. From genuine crime to ecological concerns, this collection has something for everyone. In this article, we’ll take a look at the rise of Netflix documentary series and recommend some of the greatest titles currently available.

1.2. What makes a good documentary?

A good documentary should not only teach its viewers something new, but also keep them interested and entertained throughout. It needs to be thoroughly investigated, professionally made, and expertly presented. A excellent documentary should have a focused storyline that is both clear and interesting. It’s important that it looks well, so use high-quality graphics and video. A great documentary, above all else, should make an impression on its viewers and motivate them to change the way they perceive the world.

1.3. How to choose the best documentary for you

With so many documentaries to choose from on Netflix, picking the right one can be a challenge. It can be difficult to decide on the ideal option due to the wide variety of genres, topics, and styles available. There are many documentaries out there, but by using basic guidelines, you can choose one that is more suited to your interests and preferences. Here, we’ll discuss what factors to consider while picking a documentary to watch.

2. Social and Political Documentaries

Documentaries about social and political issues are useful because they put light on pressing problems facing our governments. They show how various structures function and bring attention to the challenges faced by underrepresented groups. The social and political documentaries available on Netflix are excellent resources. If you’re looking for some great documentaries to watch on Netflix, these are the top ten:

2.1. 13th

The documentary 13th is illuminating in its examination of the criminal justice system’s role in perpetuating racial inequity in the United States. The Constitution’s Thirteenth Amendment, which outlawed slavery but left a loophole for the involuntary servitude of convicted felons, provides the inspiration for the film’s title. Ava DuVernay’s documentary exposes the institutional racism that has resulted in the disproportionate incarceration of Black Americans through interviews with professors, activists, and politicians as well as archival material and personal tales. Watching 13th is essential for anybody seeking context for the United States’ continuous fight for racial justice.

2.2. The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma is an insightful and compelling documentary that looks at the negative effects of technology and social media. In-depth interviews with tech industry insiders and specialists shed light on how social media is constructed to control user behavior and harvest private information for commercial gain. With regards to our mental health, our relationships, and our democracy, The Social Dilemma poses some very pertinent considerations. Anyone interested in the future of our society or who utilizes social media should watch this.

2.3. The Great Hack

Anyone with an interest in how technology, politics, and privacy all interact should watch the documentary The Great Hack. Cambridge Analytica is investigated; this company utilized the personal information of millions of Facebook users to sway the outcome of the 2016 US presidential election and the Brexit vote. The larger issues of data privacy and the influence of social media platforms on public opinion are also explored in the film. With the help of interviews with former Cambridge Analytica employees and journalists who covered the story, “The Great Hack” provides a disturbing look at how our personal data may be weaponized for political benefit.

2.4. The Ivory Game

If you’re interested in learning more about the illegal ivory trade and its catastrophic effects on African elephants, I highly recommend seeing the video The Ivory Game. Poaching and ivory smuggling criminal networks are the focus of this documentary, which chronicles the efforts of campaigners, rangers, and undercover officers to bring them down. The video also examines the difficulties of implementing laws and conserving animals in a worldwide market, as well as the social and political elements that feed demand for ivory. Anyone worried about the fate of Earth and its inhabitants should definitely check out The Ivory Game.

2.5. The White Helmets

The White Helmets is an inspiring documentary about a team of humanitarians who risk their lives to save others in the midst of the Syrian civil war. Every day, these courageous individuals put themselves in harm’s way to save others during bombing raids and other forms of attack. The film follows them about as they go about their daily lives, demonstrating the remarkable commitment and bravery they have shown in the face of insurmountable odds. It also shows how hard this job is for their loved ones back home. Anyone with an interest in the Syrian civil war and the humanitarian aid being provided to people in need should watch The White Helmets.

3. True Crime Documentaries

Netflix has a lot of true crime documentaries since people love that genre. True crimes and the subsequent police investigations frequently serve as the basis for these movies. They provide an intriguing glimpse into the workings of the criminal justice system and the criminal psyche. Netflix has some excellent real crime documentaries, like “Making a Murderer,” “The Keepers,” and “The Confession Tapes.”

3.1. Making a Murderer

The case of Steven Avery, who was falsely convicted of a crime, exonerated, and then accused and convicted of another crime, is the subject of the documentary series Making a Murderer. The show investigates inconsistencies in the criminal justice system and examines the legitimacy of the judicial proceedings.

3.2. The Keepers

Sister Cathy Cesnik was a popular nun and Catholic high school teacher in Baltimore, and her murder remains unsolved in the real crime documentary The Keepers. Her death is investigated, along with charges of sexual abuse by clergy and a suspected cover-up by the Catholic Church, in this docuseries. The Keepers explores the dark secrets of the Catholic Church and the effects they can have on individuals and communities through interviews with former students of Sister Cathy and investigators on the case.

3.3. Amanda Knox

One of Netflix’s most divisive true crime documentaries centers on Amanda Knox. The film follows Knox, an American exchange student who was wrongfully convicted in Italy for the death of her Italian roommate. In the documentary, the evidence given in the case is dissected, and issues about the Italian legal system are raised. It also explores how the case was covered in the media and how that affected Knox. If you are even remotely interested in true crime, you should watch Amanda Knox because it is an engaging and thought-provoking documentary.

3.4. The Confession Tapes

True crime documentary series The Confession Tapes examines instances in which police questioning practices may have led to false confessions. The possibilities for false convictions and the risks of using only confessions as evidence are emphasized throughout the show. Interviews with the accused, their loved ones, and legal professionals are featured in each episode. Insightful discussion of the shortcomings of the criminal justice system and the significance of protecting individual rights is provided in The Confession Tapes.

3.5. Evil Genius

An unsettling true crime documentary, Evil Genius delves into the twisted plan behind a bank heist that ends in murder. The investigation into the crime, which involves a labyrinth of clues and suspects, is the subject of the documentary. Fans of true crime will not want to miss the startling sequence of events in Evil Genius.

4. Nature and Environmental Documentaries

Watching films about nature and the environment is a terrific method to get knowledge about the world around us and the effects that humans have on it. These movies typically present an interesting new way of looking at the natural world, and they may be both informative and enjoyable to watch. The top environmental and nature documentaries on Netflix right now are listed here.

4.1. Chasing Coral

An emotionally engaging and visually stunning documentary, Chasing Coral investigates the disastrous impacts of climate change on the world’s oceans and coral reefs. The film reveals how coral reefs are bleaching and dying at an alarming rate due to rising temperatures and ocean acidification through spectacular underwater footage and talks with scientists. This further emphasizes the critical importance of taking immediate action to preserve these ecosystems before it’s too late.

4.2. Our Planet

There are many different ecosystems and species on Earth, and they all contribute to keeping things in check. However, human actions like deforestation, pollution, and climate change have wiped out entire species and severely impacted their natural ecosystems. Documentaries on the natural world and the environment show us the wonders and perils of our planet. These documentaries can help us develop a greater respect for nature and a commitment to preserving it for future generations.

4.3. Mission Blue

Mission Blue is an inspiring documentary that follows the efforts of ocean conservation pioneer Dr. Sylvia Earle. This film highlights the disastrous effects that human activity is having on marine life, while simultaneously emphasizing the tremendous beauty and value of our seas. Mission Blue is an eye-opening documentary that features breathtaking visuals and moving conversations with scientists, activists, and conservationists to motivate viewers to take action in defense of Earth.

4.4. Virunga

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is home to Africa’s oldest national park, and the documentary Virunga does a stunning job of capturing the park’s beauty and fragility. The video follows a tiny team of park rangers as they risk everything to save the last remaining mountain gorillas and other endangered species in the area. But their work is undermined by corrupt government officials, oil companies, and rebel factions who all want to profit from the park’s resources. Virunga, with its breathtaking visuals and riveting narration, highlights the critical importance of preserving Earth’s most irreplaceable natural wonders.

4.5. Blackfish

The documentary Blackfish focuses on Tilikum, a captive orca who killed three people while performing at a theme park, and the lives and confinement of killer whales in these facilities. The film addresses crucial topics regarding animal care and ethical responsibility and shows the detrimental impacts of confining these clever and social creatures.


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