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1. Introduction

Cartoons have grown up and now appeal to adults as well. There has been an uptick in adult-skewing animated shows of late, and many of them are rather good. All ages can find something to enjoy in these performances, despite the complexity of their subject matter. Adult animation includes a wide variety of genres, from feel-good comedies to serious dramas. In this post, we’ll take a look at the top 10 animated TV shows for adults.

1.1. Why animated TV shows are not just for kids

Since their origins in the Saturday morning cartoon, animated TV series have advanced significantly. Animated television programs used to be aimed mainly at kids, but now adults are likely to watch them too. Some of the best animated shows on television today are made with adults in mind. Animated television productions, whether comedies or dramas, offer a special blend of plot and visual talent that can engage viewers of all ages.

1.2. Why adults should watch animated TV shows

Toons are no longer restricted to the kids’ channel. In fact, many adult-oriented animated series are aimed squarely at that demographic. These shows frequently have adult-oriented content, such as jokes and topics that may be inappropriate for younger viewers. However, there are a number of benefits to watching cartoons as an adult. The best animated TV shows for adults will be discussed, along with the reasons why you should watch them.

1.3. The rise of animated TV shows for adults

Since their heyday on Saturday mornings, animated TV shows have come a long way. There has been a boom in adult-oriented animated shows thanks to the popularity of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. These shows frequently explore adult-oriented subject matter and go beyond the bounds of what is considered acceptable in animated fare. This article will examine the top ten best animated TV shows for adults, focusing on what makes these shows stand out in today’s television scene.

1.4. What makes a good animated TV show for adults

A good animated TV show for adults is one that can hold the attention of its viewers with interesting plots, interesting characters, and funny jokes. Adult animated shows have more leeway than kids’ cartoons to tackle serious topics, employ nuanced forms of humor, and experiment with new animation methods. This article will examine the top 10 best animated TV shows for adults, discussing what sets each program apart and why it deserves your time.

1.5. What to expect from the rest of the article

This article will examine the top 10 animated television series aimed at adults. The shows’ individual stories, characters, animation styles, and overall appeal will be discussed. There is something on this list for every type of movie buff, whether they prefer comedies, dramas, action movies, or science fiction. You may now kick back and wait for the discovery of your next must-watch animated series.

2. 1. Rick and Morty

Since its premiere in 2013, the animated series Rick and Morty has amassed a significant fan base. The show’s distinctive combination of satire, comedy, and science fiction has helped establish it as one of the most intellectually stimulating cartoons on television. Through their travels through alternate realities, Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty encounter all manner of strange and often frightening animals. Rick and Morty has quickly become a fan favorite among mature viewers thanks to its creative plotting, witty dialogue, and endearing characters.

2.1. The premise of the show

The animated series Rick and Morty chronicles the exploits of Rick Sanchez, a jaded and alcoholic scientist, and Morty Smith, his naive and naivete-prone grandson. The show has gained notoriety for its morbid humor, intricate plots, and discussions of philosophical and scientific ideas. Since its 2013 debut on Adult Swim, the show has acquired a devoted following. Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, the show’s creators, have compared it to a mashup of “Back to the Future” and “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”

2.2. The humor and satire

The animated sitcom Rick and Morty is a comedic parody set in the science fiction genre. The show recounts the exploits of Rick Sanchez, a mad scientist, and Morty Smith, his grandson. The show is well-known for its morbid humor, intricate plots, and clever banter. It’s a popular choice among movie buffs and has developed a devoted following. While the humor of Rick and Morty might be offensive at times, it is also clever and provocative. The show makes satirical observations on everything from politics to modern media. If you like adult animated shows, you should definitely check out Rick and Morty.

2.3. The characters and their development

In recent years, the animated series Rick and Morty has amassed a huge fan base. In the sitcom, Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith go on journeys through space and time, meeting all sorts of bizarre individuals and events along the way. The progression of the main characters over the course of the series is one of the show’s most interesting parts. The show’s nuanced portrayal of its characters, such as Rick’s cynicism and jadedness and Morty’s development from a fearful teenager into a more confident young man, sets it different from other animated programs.

2.4. The animation style

Rick and Morty’s animation style is a fascinating mashup of classic 2D animation, CGI visuals, and stop-motion filmmaking. The’squiggly, loose, and flawed’ animation style, as defined by show creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, contributes to the program’s unique humor and strange stories. The cartoonish characters have exaggerated features and fluid motion, creating an expressive yet straightforward aesthetic. The overall animation style fits the show’s irreverent and occasionally offbeat mood wonderfully.

2.5. Why it’s a must-watch for adults

Because of its brilliant combination of comedy, science fiction, and social commentary, Rick and Morty is an absolute must-see for mature audiences. The sitcom chronicles the exploits of Rick, a jaded and alcoholic scientist, and Morty, his sweet but easily swayed grandson. They go on adventures together through parallel worlds, where they meet bizarre creatures and experience equally bizarre events. The show isn’t hesitant to break new ground or challenge the viewer’s established worldview as it explores themes as diverse as existentialism and family values. For adults who appreciate animated comedies, Rick and Morty is a must-watch because it is both clever and entertaining.

3. 2. BoJack Horseman

The animated comedy BoJack Horseman is highly regarded by critics since it depicts the life of a failed actor who also happens to be a horse. The show manages to preserve its own distinct style of humor while delving into weighty topics like addiction, mental health, and the repercussions of celebrity. BoJack Horseman has won fans and critical acclaim because to the talents of its voice cast, which includes Will Arnett, Alison Brie, and Aaron Paul.

3.1. The unique concept of the show

Dark comedy, complicated characters, and the examination of weighty subjects like melancholy, addiction, and loneliness make BoJack Horseman a one-of-a-kind animated sitcom that primarily targets adults. BoJack is a washed-up actor who struggles with both his professional and personal issues during the course of the episode. BoJack Horseman is a must-watch for any adult animation enthusiast because to its unique animation style and witty screenplay that manages to tackle serious subjects in an accessible and hilarious way.

3.2. The exploration of mental health and addiction

The critically renowned animated comedy BoJack Horseman is just one of many shows that examine mental health and addiction. A depressed, addicted, and self-destructive anthropomorphic horse is at the center of this show. The struggles BoJack faces on his path to self-improvement and rehabilitation are universal, and the show depicts them honestly and openly. BoJack Horseman has become a cultural touchstone for conversations about mental health and addiction thanks to its complex characters and sharp writing.

3.3. The blend of comedy and drama

The television show BoJack Horseman is a great illustration of how comedy and drama can be combined. A former Hollywood star with issues in the areas of substance abuse, depression, and interpersonal relationships is the focus of this series. Despite its comedic tone and humanized animal characters, the show deals with weighty topics including mental illness, substance abuse, and the perils of stardom. BoJack Horseman is a must-watch for any adult in search of an enjoyable and thought-provoking animated cartoon, thanks to its nuanced representation of these themes.

3.4. The voice acting and soundtrack

The voice acting and music in BoJack Horseman are essential to the show’s success. Alison Brie’s portrayal of BoJack’s girlfriend Diane Nguyen is a likable and nuanced counterpoint to Will Arnett’s humorous and heartbreaking performance as the title character. The show’s original music is just as good, capturing the show’s unique blend of sarcasm and emotional depth.

3.5. Why it’s a masterpiece for adults

BoJack Horseman is a masterpiece for grownups because it deals with weighty issues including mental illness, substance abuse, trauma, and the pursuit of happiness. A genuine and emotional experience is provided through the show’s portrayal of imperfect and relatable characters who struggle with their own troubles. BoJack Horseman strikes a great balance between its comedic and dramatic elements, making it both a fun and thought-provoking comedy to watch. The high quality of the series is bolstered by the excellent animation style and voice acting. In sum, BoJack Horseman is an absolute must-see for any grownup in search of quality television.

4. 3. Archer

The escapades of Sterling Archer, a brilliant but haughty secret agent for his mother’s agency, are the subject of the animated espionage comedy series Archer. The show’s witty writing, frequent references to popular culture, and satirical take on the spy genre have made it a fan favorite. Archer has quickly become a fan favorite and one of the best adult animated TV shows because to its excellent voice cast and witty content.

4.1. The spy genre parody

Many works of art, especially comedic television series, have poked fun at the espionage genre. Archer is one such show; it chronicles the missions of the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) and its agent Sterling Archer, who is egotistical and irresponsible. The show is well-known for its clever writing, clever plots, and irreverent sense of humor. The plots generally feature spies, double agents, and international intrigue. Archer has been lauded for its innovative animation style, which fuses old and modern aesthetics, and its witty use of pop culture references. Anyone interested in espionage or who just wants to chuckle should definitely check out this show.

4.2. The witty and irreverent humor

The animated comedy series Archer, which debuted in 2009, strikes the ideal balance between action and comedy and sarcasm. The sitcom chronicles Sterling Archer’s (Tony Dokoupil) exploits as an egocentric and self-absorbed spy with the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS). One of the reasons Archer has grown so popular is because of its clever and irreverent sense of humor. The show’s smart one-liners, connections to current events, and running gags have made it a fan favorite. Anyone who appreciates mature cartoons should check out Archer.

4.3. The pop culture references

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4.4. The unique animation style

Since its debut in 2009, Archer, an animated sitcom with an espionage theme, has captivated viewers. The sitcom chronicles the exploits of Sterling Archer, a narcissistic and womanizing spy for his mother’s firm. Archer’s distinctive animation style, which combines 2D characters with 3D backdrops, sets it apart from other animated shows. The creators of the program call the aesthetic “retro-futuristic,” and it certainly gives the show a look that’s unlike any other animated comedy. The show’s wit is also top-notch, with plenty of puns and pop cultural allusions to keep fans in stitches.

4.5. Why it’s a hilarious and thrilling watch for adults

Archer is a fascinating and humorous show for grownups. The sitcom chronicles Sterling Archer’s exploits as a sophisticated and competent spy working for an intelligence agency managed by his overbearing mother. The humor is biting and frequently crude, and the characters range from a sex-obsessed HR director to a hopelessly inebriated scientist to a self-absorbed billionaire. Archer is a must-watch for fans of humor and action because, beyond the coarse jokes and pop culture references, it has sophisticated plots and well-developed characters.


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