Are you a fan of horror films and want to add more to your collection? There’s nowhere else to look! The Top 10 Best Buy Horror Films That You Must Currently Add to Your Collection are listed below. These movies, which range from thrilling thrillers to spine-tingling classics, will keep you on the edge of your seat. Take your movie evenings to the next level by checking them out right now!

1. 1. Classic Horror Films


1.1. 1.1 The Exorcist

1.1 The Demonologist

Many people rank The Exorcist as one of the best-ever affordable horror films, and even decades after its initial release, it still terrifies viewers. This classic movie tells the tale of a little girl who is taken over by a demonic force and experiences a frightening sequence of events. Any horror fan still has to see The Exorcist because of its strong plot and ground-breaking visual effects. Don’t forget to include this gem of spine-tingling art in your collection right now.

1.2. 1.2 Psycho

1.2 Psycho

Any serious horror enthusiast must own “Psycho,” one of the most famous and innovative horror movies ever made. This picture, which was directed by the renowned Alfred Hitchcock, tells the tale of Marion Crane while she stays at the isolated Bates Motel, which is owned by the enigmatic Norman Bates. “Psycho” is a timeless classic that still terrifies viewers today because of its famous shower scene and twist finale. Make sure to include “Psycho” in your collection of top-rated horror films to watch for a chilling experience.

1.3. 1.3 The Shining

1.3 A View From The Shining

Regarded as a horror film masterpiece, “The Shining” is an essential addition to any collection of the best horror films available for purchase. The film, directed by Stanley Kubrick and based on the Stephen King novel, tells the tale of writer Jack Torrance, who takes up residence as the Overlook Hotel’s winter caretaker. Jack’s spiral into insanity as the hotel’s sinister past comes to light is both horrifying and remarkable. “The Shining” is still regarded as a timeless classic that terrifies audiences with its iconic moments and eerie performances.

1.4. 1.4 Halloween

1.4 Halloween

There’s no better time to curl up with some great horror movies than as Halloween draws near. These films, which range from classic slashers to terrifying otherworldly thrillers, will chill you to the bone. To ensure that your Halloween night is special, turn down the lights, grab some popcorn, and get ready to scream while watching the best horror movies available.

1.5. 1.5 Night of the Living Dead

1.5 A Night With the Living Dead

One of the best-value horror films ever made, Night of the Living Dead is a timeless classic. This George A. Romero-directed movie centers on a group of people who are imprisoned in a farmhouse and must fight to escape a terrifying night caused by the reanimation of dead people. Horror enthusiasts everywhere still find Night of the Living Dead to be a must-watch because of its compelling plot and unsettling atmosphere.

2. 2. Modern Horror Hits


2.1. 2.1 Get Out

2.1 Leave

“Get Out” is one of the best horror films available for under $10 that you should definitely add to your library. This contemporary horror sensation has enthralled viewers with its original plot, outstanding performances, and terrifying turns. Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” tackles topics of social justice and racism in a way that is both frightening and thought-provoking. For fans of horror films, “Get Out” is a must-watch due to its critical and commercial success.

2.2. 2.2 Hereditary

2.2 Genetic

As one of the scariest and most talked-about horror movies of the past few years, “Hereditary” has already established itself as a contemporary classic. This film, which is directed by Ari Aster, follows the Graham family as they learn terrible family secrets that trigger a string of terrifying incidents. “Hereditary” is a must-watch for any fan of the best-buy horror films because of its unsettling atmosphere, heart-wrenching performances, and unforgettable twists.

2.3. 2.3 A Quiet Place

2.3 A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place is a modern horror hit that has taken the genre by storm. Directed by John Krasinski, this film follows a family struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by blind monsters with an acute sense of hearing. The tension and suspense in this movie are palpable, with every creak and rustle potentially spelling doom for the characters. A Quiet Place is a masterclass in building atmosphere and delivering scares without relying on cheap jump scares. It’s a must-watch for any horror fan looking for a truly unique and immersive experience.

2.4. 2.4 The Babadook

2.4 The Babadook

One modern horror hit that cannot be overlooked when discussing the best buy horror movies is “The Babadook.” This Australian psychological horror film directed by Jennifer Kent has received critical acclaim for its chilling atmosphere, strong performances, and thought-provoking themes. The story follows a mother and her young son as they are tormented by a malevolent entity that emerges from a mysterious children’s book. With its haunting visuals and intense emotional core, “The Babadook” is a must-watch for any horror movie enthusiast looking to add a top-tier film to their collection.

2.5. 2.5 It Follows

2.5 It Follows

One modern horror hit that has been gaining popularity among horror aficionados is “It Follows.” This psychological horror film follows a young woman who is haunted by a supernatural entity after a sexual encounter. With its unique premise and chilling atmosphere, “It Follows” has quickly become a must-watch for fans of the genre. So, if you’re looking to add the best buy horror movies to your collection, be sure to include “It Follows” on your list.

3. 3. Cult Classics


3.1. 3.1 The Blair Witch Project

3.1 The Blair Witch Project

In the realm of best buy horror movies, one film that stands out is “The Blair Witch Project.” Released in 1999, this found footage horror film follows three filmmakers as they venture into the woods to uncover the legend of the Blair Witch. With its innovative storytelling and realistic portrayal, “The Blair Witch Project” quickly became a cult classic and a must-have for any horror movie collection.

3.2. 3.2 Rosemary’s Baby

3.2 Rosemary’s Baby

Considered a cornerstone of the horror genre, Rosemary’s Baby is a must-have for any true horror movie aficionado. Directed by Roman Polanski and released in 1968, this film follows the story of a young couple who move into a new apartment building only to discover that their neighbors have a dark secret. With its tense atmosphere, chilling performances, and intricate plot, Rosemary’s Baby is a prime example of the best buy horror movies available today.

3.3. 3.3 The Thing

3.3 The Thing

One of the ultimate best buy horror movies to add to your collection is the classic 1982 film, The Thing. Directed by John Carpenter, this sci-fi horror masterpiece follows a group of researchers in Antarctica who encounter a shape-shifting alien that can take on the form of any living being. With its groundbreaking special effects and tense atmosphere, The Thing is a must-see for any horror fan.

3.4. 3.4 Donnie Darko

3.4 Donnie Darko

One of the most iconic cult classics in the horror genre is “Donnie Darko.” This mind-bending film follows the story of a troubled teenager who begins to experience disturbing visions of a man in a rabbit costume. With its blend of psychological thriller elements and supernatural themes, “Donnie Darko” has captivated audiences since its release in 2001. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal in one of his breakout roles, this film is a must-watch for any fan of the best buy horror movies.

3.5. 3.5 Suspiria

3.5 Paranoia

Suspiria, one of the best-looking horror films ever made, is an essential addition to any collection of horror films. This iconic Italian film, directed by Dario Argento, centers on an American ballet student who discovers a sinister secret at her esteemed dance school. Even after twenty years of release, viewers are still enthralled with Suspiria because of its vivid color scheme, eerie soundtrack, and fantastical atmosphere. For a genuinely remarkable cinematic experience, add this classic to your library of top-rated horror films.