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The Funniest Movie Reviews You’ll Ever Read: Side-Splitting Laughter Guaranteed

Have you had it with reading boring, stale critiques of movies? Stop right there! Here is a collection of the most hilarious movie reviews you’ll ever come across. You can count on having a great time laughing until your sides hurt.

1. Introduction

Have you had it with reading boring and uninspiring critiques of movies? Stop right there! The funniest movie reviews you’ll ever read were written by our crack team of writers. Prepare to roar with laughter as we poke fun at both successful and unsuccessful recent Hollywood releases. We promise that after reading our hilarious movie reviews, you’ll never take criticism seriously again. So kick back, relax, and get ready to chuckle at some of the most hilarious movie reviews ever written!

1.1. What are side-splitting movie reviews?

Reviews of movies that make you laugh until your sides hurt are described as “side-splitting.” In order to both criticize and appreciate movies, these writers frequently resort to wordplay, witty insights, and hilarious tales. You may find these evaluations on various online resources, such as websites, blogs, and social networking sites, and they are a hilarious way to learn about new films.

1.2. Why are they important?

Film critics play a crucial role in the business of making movies. They give audiences an idea of what to expect from a film. In order to make educated viewing decisions, moviegoers must have access to reviews. Filmmakers can learn from criticism and refine their skills as a result of reviews. Movie critics play a vital role in the development of the film industry and the enjoyment of cinema as a whole.

1.3. Who reads them?

Everyone from die-hard cinephiles on the hunt for their next great flick to those looking for a good chuckle read movie reviews. Some people read reviews to figure out if a film is worth their time and money, while others do it for pure entertainment value. For whatever reason, a good laugh is always appreciated, and that’s what The Funniest Movie Reviews You’ll Ever Read strives to provide.

1.4. How do they differ from regular movie reviews?

There is no shortage of movie reviews online, but not all of them are created equal. Some reviews are so hilarious that they stand out from the crowd. These reviews aren’t trying to be taken seriously, and instead of giving an objective analysis of the film, they’re more interested in making the reader chuckle. But what sets these humorous reviews apart from the rest? Some of the most important ones are outlined here.

1.5. How to write side-splitting movie reviews?

Coming up with a witty movie review can feel like an insurmountable effort. However, with some instruction, you can enlighten your readers with hilarious film critiques. In this piece, you will learn what you need to know to compose the most hilarious film critiques ever. Relax with some popcorn and prepare to belly laugh.

2. Elements of a Side-Splitting Movie Review

A hilarious movie review needs to keep the reader interested throughout. The writer should have a wry sense of humor and the ability to articulate their ideas in a way that is both entertaining and enlightening. The reviewer should do more than just recount the film’s plot points; they should offer insightful commentary on the film’s characters, story, and overall experience. A fantastic review will pique the reader’s interest in watching the film and leave them feeling uplifted and amused.

2.1. Humor

A hilarious movie review must include humorous commentary. In addition to offering constructive criticism of the film’s technical features, a good review should also be enjoyable and hilarious. The best critics know how to provide constructive criticism while also injecting some lightheartedness into their writing. A hilarious movie review might make the reader laugh out loud and want to see the film immediately.

2.2. Sarcasm

A great movie review usually includes some sarcasm. When executed with skill, it can inject much-needed levity and wit into the criticism. However, sarcasm should be used sparingly and with caution to avoid coming across as cruel. A sarcastic statement should be humorous and cutting. So, be subtle if you want to utilize sarcasm in your film critique.

2.3. Irony

A hilarious film review can make excellent use of irony. Reviewers can make their readers chuckle by drawing attention to things that are at odds with their expectations. For instance, “more laughs than a funeral procession” is a common way to describe dramatic tearjerkers that are sold as comedies. Another term for the protagonist who repeatedly lets the team down is “unintentional villain.” Adding just the right amount of irony to your movie review can give it that extra spark that will have your audience in stitches.

2.4. Satire

When used by a talented author, satire may be quite effective. It provides a platform for absurdist comments on serious social and cultural concerns. Satire is an excellent tool for pointing out the film’s flaws or praising its achievements in a review. The best satires do more than just make the audience laugh; they also have them thinking deeply about the film and their place in the world.

2.5. Wit

A hilarious movie review relies heavily on wit. Even a bad film may be made to sound enjoyable by a reviewer with a good sense of humor. However, a middle ground must be found between humor and seriousness. A review that is all laughs and no analysis will leave its audience wanting more. The trick is to employ humor so that it complements rather than detracts from the evaluation. With just the right touch, a funny review may make people laugh out loud and make them want to go see the film for themselves.

3. Examples of Side-Splitting Movie Reviews

“I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants” is only one example of a hilarious movie review. Then I saw that I was wearing a romper, which was a bad idea. “This movie is like a rollercoaster, except instead of feeling exhilarated at the end, you just feel dizzy and slightly nauseous.” Reviewer: “I’m pretty sure this movie was written by a 10-year-old who just learned how to use curse words.” –The Hangover. The reviewer of Bad Santa said, “I haven’t laughed this hard since my third divorce.” Reviews of The 40-Year-Old Virgin have included the comment, “This movie is so funny, I’m pretty sure I pulled a muscle in my face from smiling so much.” Critique of the Film “Superbad”

3.1. The Onion

The Onion, a popular satirical news outlet, regularly features humorous film critiques. Their evaluations of movies are frequently scathing and ludicrous, but they never fail to make their readers chuckle. Just a few of their hilarious movie critiques are shown here.

3.2. Cracked

In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the most hilarious responses to movies. You will laugh out loud while reading these reviews, and you will want to revisit the movies reviewed over and over again. If you’re a fan of movies and enjoy laughing, you should definitely read these reviews. The following movie reviews are guaranteed to make you laugh till your sides hurt.

3.3. CollegeHumor

The movie reviews on CollegeHumor are some of their most popular articles. Their authors have an uncanny ability to zero down on the film’s most hilarious moments and play them up in ways that are guaranteed to get a chuckle out of you. One of their most memorable critiques is of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” in which they playfully call attention to the film’s implausibility and criticize the characters’ morally dubious decisions. Also included is a humorous review of “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” in which the excessive action scenes and shallow characters are lampooned. The movie reviews on CollegeHumor are certain to put a smile on your face.

3.4. Funny or Die

The humor website Funny or Die is widely known for its many humorous videos, articles, and memes. Movie reviews are a big deal there because they’re always written in a hilarious and engaging style. These reviews are different from the norm in that they make fun of the movie’s premise, characters, and general silliness. Some of the funniest film critiques ever written include these:

3.5. The Daily Show

For more than two decades, The Daily Show has been a mainstay of the late-night comedy scene. Since its start in 1996, this show has kept viewers laughing and informed with its humorous take on politics and current affairs. Since taking over as host in 2015, Trevor Noah has maintained The Daily Show’s tradition of offering a fresh and entertaining take on the day’s events. However, you may not be aware that The Daily Show also features some of the internet’s most hilarious movie reviews. Just a handful of the hilarious ways the show has satirized recent movies are provided here.


In conclusion, these hilariously negative evaluations of movies are exactly what you need to lighten up. They have a great sense of humor and will keep you laughing the whole time.

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