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The Best True Crime Documentary Reviews You Need to Watch

The popularity of true crime films has skyrocketed in recent years as viewers find themselves enthralled by the often gruesome stories they tell. These documentaries provide a fascinating look into the lives of some of history’s most prominent criminals, from serial killers to white-collar offenders. Explore some of the most intriguing and thought-provoking true crime documentaries in this in-depth piece that reviews the best of the genre.

1. Introduction

The popularity of true crime documentaries has skyrocketed over the years, and with good cause. These documentaries investigate actual crimes and the subsequent investigations, offering a fascinating and occasionally eerie glimpse into the shadowy side of human nature. It can be overwhelming to consider all of the many paths to take. That’s why we’ve rounded up the top rated real crime documentaries for your viewing pleasure. These documentaries will have you on the edge of your seat, from profiles of notorious serial killers to investigations into mysterious cold cases.

1.1. What are true crime documentaries?

Documentaries based on actual crimes and their perpetrators are known as “true crime” films and shows. The stories of infamous crimes and the subsequent investigations are generally told in these films through a combination of interviews, archive material, and theatrical reenactments. From serial killers to white-collar crime, true crime documentaries may cover it all, and more often than not, they’re riveting and thought-provoking to boot. True crime documentaries are more popular than ever thanks to the proliferation of online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, which include new episodes regularly.

1.3. What makes a good true crime documentary?

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2. Top True Crime Documentaries

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2.1. Making a Murderer

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2.2. The Jinx

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2.3. The Staircase

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2.4. The Keepers

The murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik, a popular Baltimore nun and educator, remains unsolved, and the case is explored in the riveting true crime documentary The Keepers. The series explores the hidden history of sexual abuse by priests within the Catholic Church and the institutionalized cover-up that ensued. The Keepers reveals a network of corruption and brutality that has plagued Baltimore for decades through its interviews with former pupils and associates of Sister Cathy, as well as journalists and investigators. Anyone with an interest in crime and social justice should see this riveting documentary.

2.5. Evil Genius

The heist of a bank in Erie, Pennsylvania, which ended in a horrifying death, is the subject of Evil Genius, an engrossing true crime documentary. A horrifying and unforgettable climax is reached as the documentary investigates the bizarre characters engaged in the crime and the bizarre clues and hints they left behind.

3. Critiques of True Crime Documentaries

Many people are drawn to true crime films these days because of the real-life mysteries and exciting narrative they offer. True crime documentaries, however, are not all the same. Others have been complimented for their astute analysis and attention to detail, while others have been accused for exploiting victims or sensationalizing crimes. The following discussion will examine the arguments made against true crime documentaries and provide some advice for anyone planning to watch one.

3.1. Exploitation of victims and families

The exploitation of victims and their families for dramatic effect is a common complaint leveled against true crime documentaries. Rather of sensationalizing the murder and the personal lives of those involved, many people believe that the focus should be on investigating the crime and achieving justice for the victim. There are also ethical concerns about making money off of the misfortune of others. Although real crime documentaries have the potential to educate and inform audiences, it is vital to think about how they will effect the victims and their families.

3.2. Sensationalism and bias

True crime documentaries often come under fire for being too sensationalized or too biased. Many people feel that these shows distort the truth by putting shock value ahead of accuracy, and that this is why they don’t like them. Some documentaries may also be criticized for being biased or one-sided because they leave out relevant details or perspectives. These problems have the potential to diminish the documentary’s overall effectiveness and credibility, casting doubt on the value and morality of the form.

3.3. Questionable ethics in production

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