Explore the world of movies with just a click. Today, movie fans can enjoy trailers online. These previews, about 2 minutes long, offer a peek at soon-to-be-released movies. They keep us hooked and pumped for what’s coming1.

Action films are often in the spotlight, making up 40% of trailer content1. Animated films represent 10%, while documentaries are 5%1. Every week, a new trailer drops, keeping you in the loop with the latest scenes and teasers from Hollywood1. Interestingly, 20% of action movie trailers showcase women in leading roles. This signals a shift towards more varied movie advertising1.

Key Takeaways

  • Movie previews online offer a first look at upcoming storytelling magic.
  • Action movie trailers make up 40% of all previews1.
  • A new trailer is released every 7 days on average1.
  • Female-led action movies represent 20% of all action trailers1.
  • Documentaries and animated movies account for 5% and 10% of trailers, respectively1.

Latest Movie Trailers to Watch

Keep up with the newest movie trailers to get a glimpse of the upcoming films. Fans of movies can explore these previews to catch the latest teasers from Hollywood.

The Little Mermaid – Trailer

“The Little Mermaid” trailer welcomes a new audience to its magical underwater realm. It highlights the magical elements of Ariel’s adventure, with eye-catching visuals and an engaging plot. This teaser is a treat for those looking forward to fresh Hollywood stories.

No Hard Feelings – Red Band Trailer

The “No Hard Feelings” Red Band Trailer showcases a daring and humorous take that stands out. With its unique humor and mature themes, it diverges from typical comedies. This preview is a must-see for those desiring a break from conventional movie trailers.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie – Theatrical Trailer

The “Super Mario Bros. Movie” trailer brings nostalgia and new excitement to all viewers. Its animation and character designs are true to the original, making it a joy to watch. This trailer offers a glimpse into a thrilling adventure that honors its iconic origins.

Trending Trailers

Stay updated with the latest trending trailers that are catching everyone’s attention. From old favorites making a comeback to new, exciting sequels, these trailers will surely grab your interest.


Tim Burton’s beloved classic, “Beetlejuice,” is coming back, bringing joy to fans all over. Set to be out in 2024, this trailer hints at new adventures while keeping the unique spooky charm. Look forward to a journey that explores the funny and chaotic sides of the afterlife.

Deadpool & Wolverine

The much-awaited “Deadpool & Wolverine” film is creating a lot of excitement. Expected in July 2024, it features two legendary characters joining forces in an electrifying story. Viewers will get a perfect mix of comedy, action, and plot twists. It’s a film you won’t want to miss in the upcoming year.

Inside Out 2

“Inside Out 2” is coming in June 2024, taking us back to the world of feelings. This sequel aims to explore emotions even more, offering touching and funny moments. It’s a film that promise to connect with people of all ages by mixing great stories with beautiful graphics. Make sure to add it to your list of must-see movies.

Most Anticipated Releases

Fans are buzzing with excitement for the movies coming out in 2024. There’s so much to look forward to, from exciting teasers to big screen releases.

Alien: Romulus

“Alien: Romulus” is bringing back the beloved sci-fi series. Fans are on edge for its intense story and breathtaking visuals. This August 2024 release is a must-watch for sci-fi lovers2.


This November, “Wicked” will enchant us with its magical world of Oz. It’s one of the year’s biggest movies. Both Broadway fans and new viewers will fall in love with its magic and music2.

Dune: Prophecy

“Dune: Prophecy” follows the huge success of the first film. This epic desert tale will wow us with its storytelling. Everyone’s excited for its February 2024 release, ready to change cinema forever2.

2024 is a big year for movies, with something for all of us. Get ready for these major films and their captivating stories.

Recently Added Trailers

Check out the newest trailers online and get a sneak peek of upcoming movies.

Presumed Innocent

The “Presumed Innocent” trailer offers a glimpse into its captivating story. It presents movie previews that highlight the intense plot and character interactions.

Trigger Warning

“Trigger Warning” pulls you into a world of suspense. With its new teaser, you’ll see surprising plot twists and a dark setting. It’s perfect for those who love thriller movies and want to catch the latest trailers online.

Terrifier 3

The “Terrifier 3” trailer brings more horror to its fans. It promises to keep the scary legacy alive, offering a horrifying experience. It shows how creative trailers can be34.

TitleGenreRelease Mode
Presumed InnocentThrillerTheaters
Trigger WarningThrillerVOD
Terrifier 3HorrorStreaming

Watch Theatrical Trailers

Theatrical trailers give us a shiny peek at new movies. They show us “Paint,” “Misanthrope,” and “Carmen.” These previews introduce us to the characters, plots, and feelings. They make us excited to see the movies.

Paint – Theatrical Trailer

“Paint” is a film coming soon. Its official trailer shows a world full of colorful characters and stories. It promises to capture the hearts of those who watch it.

CMC Pictures just showed a trailer for “Hovering Blade.” It’s a revenge thriller that promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats3.

Misanthrope – Trailer

The “Misanthrope” trailer gives a serious look at a detective’s quest for justice. It hints at the movie’s deep themes and beautiful visuals.

Good Deed Entertainment shared a “Boomtown” trailer. It shows how trailers can pull us into the story3.

Carmen – Trailer

“Carmen”‘s trailer invites us into a magical story. It shows off its interesting characters and story. Many can’t wait to see it.

The Jokers marks “Seven Samurai”‘s 70th year with a 4K trailer. This highlights the lasting charm and impact of trailers3.

These trailers make us look forward to movie previews. They give us a taste of the adventures to come in theaters.

Become a Trailer Addict

Getting hooked on movie trailers online is easy and fun. Sites like TrailerAddict let you watch high-quality trailers, keeping the excitement of new movie clips alive5. To keep up with the latest film teasers, it’s key to check out the newest previews. TrailerAddict makes this better by allowing users to customize how they watch trailers, including size and how many they see6.

Filmmakers and fans get a lot from APIs that offer content in XML format, making it easy to add trailers to different websites.6 By learning these tools, people can dive deeper into movies and talk more about how they’re made and told.

movie trailers online

Also, you can pick trailers based on movies or actors you like, which makes it feel more personal6. Seeing what’s trending, based on anonymized user data, helps improve how movies are promoted5. This mix of tech and user info feeds the passion for trailer watching.

Upcoming Films You Can’t Miss

Get ready for some amazing upcoming films. Everyone’s talking about the new trailers and videos. They give us a glimpse into exciting stories, making us all the more eager.

Knock at the Cabin

The trailer for “Knock at the Cabin” catches your attention right away. It presents a mystery with a spooky vibe. The clip makes you want to find out more about the strange knock that changes everything.

Haunted Mansion – Teaser Trailer

Disney’s “Haunted Mansion” is back, thrilling and familiar. The teaser trailer perfectly introduces us to a spooky adventure. It’s a film many are looking forward to, with ghosts and spooky moments.

Scream VI – Final Trailer

Horror fans, get ready for “Scream VI.” The latest trailer shows the return of the famous Ghostface. It’s filled with suspense and scares, making it a must-see for horror lovers.

More exciting films are on the way. “Twisters,” an update of “Twister,” hits theaters on Jul 19, 2024. And “The Dead Don’t Hurt,” featuring Viggo Mortensen, is out on May 31, 20247.

“The thrill of upcoming films is heightened by the captivating must-watch trailers and compelling preview videos that hint at the cinematic adventures awaiting us.”

Keep an eye out for “MaXXXine,” coming Jul 5, 2024. “Trap” is set for Aug 9, 2024. And “Harold and the Purple Crayon” will be released on Aug 2, 20247.

Discover New Releases

Finding new trailers is thrilling for movie lovers. It allows them to see new themes and stories coming to theaters. These adventures promise lots of excitement.

The Portable Door – Trailer

“The Portable Door” brings a magical journey that will enchant viewers. It mixes fantasy with mystery beautifully. It’s a film adventure you shouldn’t miss.

The Blackening – Trailer

“The Blackening” is especially striking for its unique theme and story. It’s a fresh addition, attracting both new and long-time movie fans.

Ghosted – Trailer

“Ghosted” is also an exciting new movie trailer. Its story makes it a must-see in upcoming cinema adventures. There’s much to anticipate.

These trailers increase excitement and give a glimpse into the cinema world. They make sure movie fans have great adventures to look forward to.

In today’s movie world, big hits like “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga”, “Hit Man”, and “Babes” grab lots of attention8. They show the wide range of stories being told. Movies like “The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare” and “The Last Stop in Yuma County” highlight this year’s diverse cinema8.

The movie industry faces challenges, with the VFX sector having money and clash issues9. Still, movies like “Hovering Blade” succeed worldwide, proving global cinema’s strength9.

Internet’s Favorite Preview Videos

The internet is buzzing with excitement over the coolest preview videos. Trailers that stand out are not just loved for their awesome visuals and stories. They also get millions of views in just hours. For example, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” got a huge 112 million views in one day10. “Avengers: Infinity War” also wowed everyone, with 230 million views in 24 hours, showing how much people can’t wait for it10.

“Frozen II” broke records for animated trailers by getting over 116 million views in a day10. “Thor: Ragnarok” also did really well, with 136 million views, proving how much people love Hollywood teasers10. These trailers are not just quick looks at new movies. They spark lots of talks and get people super excited.

favorite preview videos

The “F9” teaser amazed everyone with 151 million views. The “Mulan” live-action preview got 175 million views in just 24 hours10. Horror fans loved the “It: Chapter One” teaser, which got 197 million views10. The 2019 “Lion King” film’s teaser also stood out, with over 224 million viewers10, showing us how much people love seeing classics in a new way.

“Avengers: Endgame” broke all records with about 289 million views in a day10. But the “SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME” teaser topped them all with an amazing 355 million views in 24 hours10. These popular trailers are super important in starting movie conversations online.

For a closer look at some trailers that had everyone talking, check out top 10 movie trailers that broke the internet. They show how Hollywood teasers have become major ways to get audiences excited in the online world.

Behind the Scenes Footage

Take a peek behind the curtain and explore the magic of filmmaking. Get exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from some of the most awaited films in cinema. These special clips offer fans a deep look into how movies are made, connecting them with the stories and characters they love.

Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi Featurette – Behind the Scenes

Get an inside look at the galaxy far away with the “Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi” behind-the-scenes footage. This featurette shows the hard work that goes into the stunning visuals and impactful performances. Hear from the cast and crew, and see how much effort it takes to bring this incredible story to life.

Darkest Hour Trailer

The “Darkest Hour” trailer is not just any preview. It includes behind-the-scenes clips that show Gary Oldman becoming Winston Churchill. It blends historical narrative with captivating cinema, offering a glimpse into the film’s dramatic and motivating story. Using NOVA A.I.’s11text-to-speech, the trailer’s voiceovers feel more real and impactful.

Blade Runner 2049 Feature Trailer

The “Blade Runner 2049” feature trailer offers exciting visuals and behind-the-scenes looks. It highlights the film’s futuristic style and the new techniques used in making it. The advanced editing used in the trailer, thanks to platforms like NOVA A.I.11, showcases the film’s engaging and immersive experience.

For stunning trailers made easy, visit NOVA A.I.’s trailer video maker. This platform simplifies video editing with AI11 and helps easily share your work on social media11.

Hollywood Movie Teasers

Hollywood movie teasers catch our eye by offering peeks into much-awaited films. They make us eagerly wait for more, making movie trailers online a go-to for sneak peeks. This curiosity and buzz ensure that the theatrical previews stay popular.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves – International Trailer

“Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” brings us into a world of adventure. The trailer shows a tale filled with danger and enchantment. Fans will love the action and intriguing characters it unveils.

The Ritual Killer – Trailer

“The Ritual Killer” trailer offers a spine-chilling look at a suspense-filled story. It hints at a mystery filled with peril, captivating thriller lovers. It shows how movie trailers effectively drum up excitement.

A Thousand and One – Trailer

“A Thousand and One” teaser presents a story that tugs at the heartstrings. It draws us in with deep emotions and a complex character journey. This shows the powerful tales movies can tell.

Animation Movie Trailers

Animation movie trailers bring vibrant, imaginative worlds to life. They captivate people of every age. Viewers get a peek into enchanting realms filled with laughter, lessons, and deep wonder.

Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken – Trailer

The trailer for “Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken” shows a colorful world. A teenage girl finds out about her incredible roots and faces surprising challenges. It’s an adventure-filled, heartwarming film that’s a hit in the animation world.

Peter Pan & Wendy – Trailer

“Peter Pan & Wendy” offers a new spin on the classic story. It dazzles viewers young and old with beautiful visuals. Like “Aladdin” and “The Lion King,” this trailer brings a nostalgic, yet fresh, enjoyment12.

Chupa – Trailer

“Chupa” leads viewers on an enchanting trip through folklore and family connections. It highlights the value of kinship and discovery. The trailer mixes in familiar promotions, appealing to those who love family films12.

Trailers usually show 4 to 6 previews of upcoming films and more12. They aim to showcase the essence of new movies. With a wide appeal, animation trailers reach and impact a global audience13.


Where can I watch the latest movie previews and cinema clips?

Platforms like Trailer Addict, YouTube, and movie studio websites have the latest movie previews and clips.

What are some of the latest movie trailers available online?

Check out recent trailers like “The Little Mermaid,” “No Hard Feelings,” and “The Super Mario Bros. Movie.” Each offers a unique story and exciting visuals.

Which upcoming films have trending trailers?

Trending trailers include “Beetlejuice,” “Deadpool & Wolverine,” and “Inside Out 2.” Look for these in 2024.

What are the most anticipated releases to watch out for?

Keep an eye on “Alien: Romulus,” “Wicked,” and “Dune: Prophecy.” They promise thrilling adventures and stunning visuals.

Which recently added trailers should I check out?

Don’t miss trailers for “Presumed Innocent,” “Trigger Warning,” and “Terrifier 3.” They offer a sneak peek into their stories and genres.

Where can I find theatrical trailers online?

Find trailers like “Paint,” “Misanthrope,” and “Carmen” on trailer websites and YouTube.

How can I become a trailer addict?

Stay updated with the latest trailers by visiting movie trailer websites and following film studios on social media.

Which upcoming films should I not miss?

Don’t miss “Knock at the Cabin,” “Haunted Mansion,” and “Scream VI.” Their trailers have excited many fans.

How can I discover new releases through trailers?

Watch trailers for “The Portable Door,” “The Blackening,” and “Ghosted” for a preview of new films.

What are some of the Internet’s favorite preview videos?

Popular previews often include awaited films. Find Hollywood teasers and trending trailers on streaming and social media.

Where can I find behind-the-scenes footage of movies?

Find behind-the-scenes clips on YouTube, including for “Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi,” “Darkest Hour,” and “Blade Runner 2049.”

Are there any notable Hollywood movie teasers available online?

Check out teasers for “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves,” “The Ritual Killer,” and “A Thousand and One.” They offer exciting glimpses into new worlds.

Which animation movie trailers should I watch?

Don’t miss trailers for “Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken,” “Peter Pan & Wendy,” and “Chupa.” They promise fun and colorful adventures.

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