The start of the movie awards season is packed with excitement and speculation. It begins with the famous Cannes Film Festival, set for May 14-25, 20241. Soon after, events like the 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards on June 7, 20241, and the 81st Venice International Film Festival from August 28 to September 7, 20241, follow.

Then, the spotlight turns to the golden globes highlights. The 82nd Annual Golden Globe Awards will take place on January 5, 20251. Everyone starts talking about who might win, the unexpected contenders, and those who were overlooked. Movies like “The Power of the Dog” and “Belfast” are in the running for Best Picture2. Surprises are always part of the events, leading up to the 97th Annual Academy Awards on March 2, 20251.

As the season progresses, excitement grows with each event. The journey from the Golden Globes to the SAG Awards, and film festivals like Sundance from January 23 to February 2, 20251, adds to the story. These moments celebrate movies and influence talks about academy awards predictions and oscars buzz.

Key Takeaways

  • The Cannes Film Festival begins the movie awards season on May 14-25, 20241.
  • The 82nd Annual Golden Globe Awards is set for January 5, 20251.
  • Movies like “The Power of the Dog” and “Belfast” are strong contenders for Best Picture nominations2.
  • The culmination of the season is the 97th Annual Academy Awards on March 2, 20251.
  • Film festivals like Sundance are critical in shaping awards season narratives.

Introduction to Movie Awards Season

The movie awards season is full of glamour, debates, and celebrating film achievements. It happens from November to February in the United States. This time has lots of ceremonies and events to honor great work in filmmaking3. High-profile film festivals, like the Berlin International Film Festival in February4 and the Venice International Film Festival in late August and early September4, are important.

The Cannes Film Festival in May starts the journey to the Academy Awards, usually in late February or early March4. Cannes kicks off early award buzz and helps films gain attention. The Sundance Film Festival in January is the year’s first big event, uncovering indie movies that will get people talking4.

During the movie awards season, events like the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards are key3. These, along with major film festivals like Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in September and Telluride Film Festival in Colorado in early September4, highlight films that spark our interest and earn critical praise.

Movies awards season is a worldwide thing, running from 2006 to 2025, showing how global movie awards are3. Music awards, like the American Music Awards and Grammy Awards, also add to the celebrations, showcasing a wide array of talents3.

Oscars: The Ultimate Film Accolade

The Academy Awards or Oscars are a top honor in movies. They have marked the best in films for 96 years. They are a dream for those who make and act in movies.

The History of the Academy Awards

The first Oscars took place in 1927-1928, celebrating great films and talent. At the 96th Awards on March 10, 2024, 588 prizes were given to 118 films5. “Gone with the Wind” made history with 8 awards in its time5.

Notable Moments in Oscar History

“Ben-Hur” set a record with 11 Oscars at the 32nd Awards, a record that stood for 64 years5. Recently, documentaries like “Judging Juries” have gained attention, showing the growing importance of this type6.

Predictions for the Upcoming Oscars

The 96th Oscars are coming soon, on March 10, 2024. “The Power of the Dog” and “Belfast” are seen as strong films likely to win. Movies from around the world, including China and the UK, are expected to compete for awards7.

FilmAwards WonNominations Received
Gone with the Wind8
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King11

Golden Globes: A Night of Glitz and Glamour

The Golden Globes bring movie and TV stars together under one roof. This event, run by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), mixes film and TV awards in a unique way. It’s known for a fun, dinner-party vibe where memorable moments are made.

Unique Aspects of the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes stand out by honoring both movies and TV shows. They have categories like Best Picture for movies and Best Television Motion Picture. This celebrates a broad range of talent. Despite past criticism about diversity, the HFPA welcomed 21 new journalists in 2022. This made its group the biggest and most varied yet8.

Memorable Golden Globes Moments

The Golden Globes are known for unforgettable events. In 2022, the pandemic led to a private ceremony without any live broadcast. This was a big change from previous years8. Movies like “Oppenheimer” won big, taking home awards for best drama and director (Christopher Nolan). The TV show “Succession” won best drama series9. “The Bear” also did well, winning three comedy awards9.

Celebrity hosts and an NBC boycott over diversity issues have highlighted the push for more inclusivity8. The Golden Globes influence the award season each year. They spark conversations and guesses about future award winners.

BAFTAs: Celebrating British Cinema

The BAFTAs are a highlight of British film and TV. They have grown in stature, predicting Oscar winners. This shows why it’s crucial to follow the trends and standout acts at these awards.

The Evolution of the BAFTAs

The BAFTAs started small but are now a major date for global cinema. The 77th awards were on February 18, 2024, in London’s Royal Festival Hall. This reflects how the event has expanded over time10. Films like “Dune” have shone here, with eleven nods and five wins at the 75th BAFTAs11.

Key BAFTA Trends to Watch

BAFTA victories are crucial for the whole awards season. “Belfast” by Kenneth Branagh got six nominations and won big at BAFTA, including Outstanding British Film11. “Oppenheimer” got 13 nominations and won seven awards at the 77th BAFTAs. This included Best Film and awards for Cillian Murphy and Emma Stone10. There’s also a spotlight on new British talent, like Mia McKenna-Bruce who won the EE Rising Star Award12.

SAG Awards: Honoring Actors by Actors

The SAG Awards highlight acting talents, chosen by their peers. This ceremony, happening every year, celebrates top work in movies and TV. It’s a key event in the showbiz world13.

Significance of the SAG Awards

The 40th SAG Awards marked their first live show on Netflix on February 24, 202414. With over 119,000 SAG-AFTRA members voting, it showed its major influence13. Winners like Cillian Murphy and Lily Gladstone prove the high quality honored by fellow actors1314.

Big SAG Awards Contenders This Year

The 30th SAG Awards presented strong contenders. “Oppenheimer” won big for its cast, standing out among movies13. TV hits “Succession” and “The Bear” grabbed awards for their casts, too13.

Noteworthy talents such as Cillian Murphy and Lily Gladstone were celebrated this year13. Barbra Streisand received the SAG Life Achievement Award, a major event highlight14.

The SAG Awards offer important clues for awards season followers. They prepare us for the Oscars and show the excellence of the acting world14. Recognizing stunt teams, like those in “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One,” shows the event’s comprehensive approach13.

Critics’ Choice Awards: A Peek into Critical Opinions

The Critics’ Choice Awards shine as a key stage where critics share their thoughts on the best films of the year. These awards bring a fresh perspective, different from those inside the film industry. They highlight top movies and can change the awards season. For instance, at the 27th Critics’ Choice Awards, Belfast and West Side Story led with 11 nominations each. Dune and The Power of the Dog were close behind with 10 nominations each15.

In the TV category, Succession got eight nominations, leading the pack. Evil and Mare of Easttown each received five nominations15. These awards honor the year’s best in film and TV, as chosen by professional critics.

Netflix stood out with 42 nominations across film and TV, showing its huge impact on the awards season15. The ceremony was moved to March 13, 2022, instead of its original January 9 date, due to the Omicron outbreak15.

The Power of the Dog won Best Picture in film, while Succession took home the top TV award15. Jane Campion was named Best Director for The Power of the Dog. This confirmed the critics’ approval of her direction15. Will Smith and Jessica Chastain won Best Actor and Actress for their roles in King Richard and The Eyes of Tammy Faye, respectively15.

The Critics’ Choice Awards often predict other big wins, like the Oscars. For the past ten years, seven of the Critics’ Choice Best Actor winners also won an Oscar16. Yet, only five Best Picture winners at the Critics’ Choice matched their Oscar victories, showing the difference between critics and the Academy’s choices16.

Films like RRR gained attention by winning best foreign-language film and best original song16. But, big movies like The Banshees of Inisherin and Avatar: The Way of Water only won once each16. This highlights the unique role of the Critics’ Choice Awards in the awards season.

Cannes Film Festival: The Hub of International Cinema

The Cannes Film Festival is a top event in international cinema. Started in 1946, it is now a key place for worldwide film premieres. For years, Cannes has spotlighted innovative films and started new trends in the industry.

A Brief History of Cannes

The festival has been a stage for many movie milestones and famous careers. The 77th Festival de Cannes had Greta Gerwig as jury chair17. It also shone a light on LGBTQIA+ films in its Official Selection17.

Highlights from Previous Cannes Festivals

Every year, Cannes offers unforgettable moments with a variety of film genres and styles. In 2024, it added the Immersive Competition led by Marie Amachoukeli17. It also focused on sports, celebrating Paris’ preparation for the Summer Olympics17. George Lucas got a special award for his cinema work17. The movie “Emilia Perez” brought its leading ladies, Karla Sofía Gascón, Zoe Saldaña, Selena Gomez, and Adriana Paz, the best actress award18.

Predictions for the Upcoming Cannes

People are excited about the next Cannes Film Festival’s potential winners. “ANORA” by Sean Baker is seen as a strong contender after its last victory18. Payal Kapadia’s film and Mohammad Rasoulof’s movie are also expected to do well18, raising Oscar hopes. These predictions build more excitement for the famed festival.

Jury ChairGreta Gerwig17
Palme d’Or Winner“ANORA” by Sean Baker18
Grand Prix Winner“All We Imagine As Light” by Payal Kapadia18
Special PrizeMohammad Rasoulof’s “The Seed of the Sacred Fig”18
Best DirectorMiguel Gomes for “Grand Tour”17 and18
Best ActorJesse Plemons in “Kinds of Kindness”17
Honorary Palme d’OrGeorge Lucas17
Representative PhotographerChristoph Simon17

Sundance Film Festival: Spotlight on Independent Films

The Sundance Film Festival has grown into a major spot for new filmmakers to shine. Starting out, the festival had 150 movies enter and screened the same number, showing its early effect on indie films19. By 1996, its fame rocketed with 1,950 entries and over 15,000 attendees. This shows its increased pull in the movie world19.

The Sundance Film Festival is a big boost for indie movies looking for recognition. It’s more than just numbers; it’s a way to help new filmmakers get noticed. From screening 86 films in 1985 to 184 by 1996, it shows a commitment to bringing different stories to light19.

The festival is also known for pushing new talents into the limelight. It started with 14 staff members in 1985 and grew to 70 by 1996. This mirrors the festival’s growth and its ability to back more filmmakers19. Such expansion highlights the festival’s role in paving the way for artists to win accolades during the awards season.

Importance of Film Festivals in Movie Awards Season

Film festivals are key in shaping the movie awards season. They offer films a chance to get noticed early and build momentum. The three major festivals that start the awards season are the Cannes, Venice International, and Toronto International Film Festivals20. These events hugely affect voter opinions and create a lot of talk, making them vital to the film celebrations of this period.

film festival influence

Critics and industry people get to see movies early at these festivals, greatly influencing the awards season20. Distributors also release films in November, December, or early January. They do this to keep their movies in the minds of Academy voters during voting, using the holiday season to boost their chances at awards20. Festivals have become key places to start a movie’s journey, showing which movies and stars might lead in awards talks.

These film celebrations often lead to big results. Since 2008, winning the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has been a strong sign of getting a Best Picture nomination or win20. Films use this success as a stepping stone, aiming for strategic end-of-year releases. They hope to keep up the excitement from the festivals during these crucial times.

Winning even small awards at these festivals can suggest which films might be future winners or surprise nominees20. This connection between festivals and awards shows the big effect film festivals have on awards season, showing their important role in celebrating and recognizing great movies.

Festivals aren’t just for fun; they’re essential to the awards scene. They help prepare the ground for the movies, actors, and filmmakers that will be celebrated all through the awards season. This shows the crucial place they have in the world of film celebrations.

Learn more about the awards season in this Beginner’s Guide to Following the Awards Season.

Factors Influencing Awards Predictions

Looking into awards predictions means checking out a few important factors. Together, these elements show us which movies might lead the pack when awards season comes around.

Past Award Trends

Understanding previous award trends helps greatly in predicting film awards. The Oscars, chosen by around 60,000 movie pros, are a big deal21. They cover films released from October 1 to September 30. Seeing “Oppenheimer” in top categories like Best Picture shows historical trends value solid stories21. “Barbie,” hitting it big at the box office and getting nods in Design and Song, shows money makers can also be award darlings21.

Critical and Audience Reception

Critics and moviegoers’ opinions are key in awards season analysis. Awards can make more people want to see a film22. This boost to a movie’s must-watch status is crucial. Take “Barbie”: its success with critics and fans alike got it many nominations21. Likewise, “Poor Things” getting nods in several big categories suggests that love from both sides can mean awards glory21.

Campaign Strategies

How studios campaign for their movies can really influence award predictions. A good push can shine a spotlight on certain films. “The Holdovers” making it into key acting categories shows a strong campaign at work21. This tactic isn’t new; since the Oscars’ first ceremony in 1928, strategic moves have played a huge part. Today’s campaigns continue to influence who gets nominated and who wins.

So, looking at past trends, gauging critic and audience reactions, and considering campaign tactics helps in making solid film awards predictions. All these aspects help figure out which movies will stand out during the awards season.

The Role of Streaming Platforms in Awards

Streaming platforms have changed how we watch and recognize movies. Now, services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are key players during the movie awards season. Shows like “The Irishman” and “Roma” have gotten a lot of praise and awards. This shows a big change in the film industry. Streaming has also changed how people find and watch movies that could win awards.

Back in 2000, nearly 22 million people watched the Primetime Emmy Awards. But recently, that number fell to just 5.92 million23. The Golden Globes viewership also went down, from over 18 million in 2020 to 6.3 million in 202323. This shows how the way we watch TV and movies is changing. And it makes streaming services even more important during awards season.

Netflix and HBO Max did really well at the Golden Globes, each getting 14 nominations23. Netflix won three awards and HBO Max got four. This shows how important streaming services are in the movie world now. They are helping to shape the future of movie awards.

About 70% of people in the U.S. use streaming over cable and broadcast TV since July 202223. This means streaming services are now the main way people watch shows and movies. Because of this, more than half of the people think award shows should be on streaming services too23. They feel it would make their streaming experience better.

YearPrimetime Emmy Viewership (millions)Golden Globes Viewership (millions)Oscars Viewership (millions)

Streaming platforms are becoming more important in awards season. They offer a direct way to watch high-quality movies. This is changing what success looks like in the film industry. As streaming and traditional awards come together, we’ll see more changes in the years ahead.

The Impact of Awards on Film Success

Film awards boost a movie’s chances at the box office. During the awards season, winning top prizes often means more people will buy tickets. This shows that getting awards helps movies make more money.

Box Office Boost

For instance, movies like the Oscars often see a big jump in earnings right after they win. A study of 1,132 movies from 1975 to 2002 found this trend true for almost all awards. The Oscars were the top sign of a movie’s success24. Films such as “The Pianist,” “Chicago,” and “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” greatly benefited from these wins24.

awards season box office impact

Long-term Career Implications for Winners and Nominees

Winning big awards does more than just bring in money. It sets actors and filmmakers up for a successful future in the industry. The study showed the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and BAFTAs all lead to long careers for those recognized24.

Awards also mean movies get better ratings later on, especially in major categories like best picture and acting24. This helps these films stay important and remembered for a long time.

To learn more about how film awards impact movie success, read this study on the subject24.

Spotlight on Dark Horse Contenders

Awards season often brings surprises with dark horse nominees making waves. These underdogs shake up the usual predictions and spark lively discussions. They become topics of interest through unexpected nominations and being the season’s surprise stars.

Surprise Nominations to Watch

In the Lead Actor race, favorites like Colin Farrell, Brendan Fraser, and Austin Butler have strong chances. Yet, Paul Mescal could sneak in with a nomination for ‘Aftersun’25. Jeremy Pope’s standout role in ‘The Inspection’ also earned him a Golden Globe nod, making him one to watch25.

For Lead Actress, Mia Goth has gained notice for her work in ‘X’ and ‘Pearl,’ positioning her for potential Oscar attention25. Gabriel LaBelle might surprise everyone if ‘The Fabelmans’ does well25.

Underdogs That Could Win Big

Underdog stories charm audiences and voters, leading to wins no one saw coming. Woody Harrelson, with two unexpected Oscar nominations under his belt, might get another25. Nina Hoss shines in ‘TÁR,’ making her a possible nominee25.

Janelle Monáe’s performance in ‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery’ has earned her acclaim25. Brian Tyree Henry’s role in ‘Causeway’ has made him a critic’s favorite, eyeing an Oscar25. Taylor Russell’s award-winning turn in ‘Bones and All’ marks her as a contender25.

Dark horse nominees add excitement to awards season. Their surprising journeys from unknowns to potential winners captivate everyone. It’s the suspense of unexpected outcomes that makes award seasons thrilling.

Awards Season Timeline: Key Dates and Events

The awards season calendar is jam-packed from start to finish. It starts with nominations and ends with glamorous award ceremonies.

Important Dates to Remember

2024 is full of movie awards key dates. The action kicks off with the 45th Sports Emmy Awards on Tuesday, May 21. Then, the 77th Cannes Film Festival wraps up on Saturday, May 2526. Soon after, the Gotham TV Awards and the 51st Daytime Emmy Awards add to the excitement in early June26.

Noteworthy Events and Deadlines

The awards season is also about key voting and nomination times. For example, Primetime Emmy Awards nominations voting starts on Thursday, June 1326. Right after, Tony Awards final voting ends on Friday, June 1426. Also, Comic-Con begins on Thursday, July 25, mixing pop culture with film buzz26.

Late in the season, important dates include the 72nd San Sebastián International Film Festival on September 20. We also have the 67th Grammy Awards nominations on Friday, November 826. The season closes with Golden Globe Awards TV nominations voting starting Monday, November 1826. Staying updated on these cinematic event milestones keeps you in the loop all season.


The movie awards season has wrapped up, giving us a lot to think about. We saw amazing surprises and impacts from different ceremonies. This year was big for movies like Black Panther, which got seven Oscar nods, including Best Picture27. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was also up for Best Animated Feature27. These nods show the art and diversity celebrated in films this year.

The Golden Globes and BAFTA Film Awards shone a spotlight on top talents. Julia made headlines by scoring a perfect 805 on the GMAT Focus Edition28. The BAFTA’s again hinted at who might win Oscars29. March was packed with 16 key events, ending with the Oscars29. These events highlight the ongoing importance of recognizing film achievements.

As the awards season ends, we see how the movie world keeps changing. Trends like streaming services27 are shaping the industry. But, the end of the awards season reminds us of the film world’s energy and diversity. It celebrates both new and experienced talents. This yearly event shines a light on great movies and encourages us all to enjoy and think about the stories they tell.


When does the movie awards season begin and end?

The movie awards season starts in May with the Cannes Film Festival. It ends with the Oscars in March of the next year.

What are the major events during the movie awards season?

Key events are the Cannes Film Festival, Oscars, Golden Globes, and BAFTAs. The SAG Awards, Critics’ Choice Awards, and Sundance Film Festival are also important.

What are the Oscars?

The Oscars are the top honors in movies, awarded each year for the best in cinema.

How are the Golden Globes different from the Oscars?

The Golden Globes celebrate both movies and TV. They have a relaxed dinner-party vibe. The Oscars focus only on movies.

What is the significance of the BAFTA Awards?

The BAFTAs honor British and international film contributions. They highlight British cinema’s creativity and power.

Why are the SAG Awards important?

The SAG Awards recognize top performances in movies and TV. Actors vote for the winners, making it very special.

How do the Critics’ Choice Awards influence the movie awards season?

The Critics’ Choice Awards let critics share their opinions. This can shape the awards season by spotlighting top choices.

What role does the Cannes Film Festival play in the awards season?

Cannes can create early Oscar buzz for films. It brings international acclaim to standout movies.

Why is the Sundance Film Festival important for independent films?

Sundance highlights indie cinema. It helps lesser-known films gain critical and awards recognition later.

How do film festivals influence the movie awards season?

Festivals showcase early contenders and build buzz. They shape opinions about which films will lead the awards talk.

What factors influence awards predictions?

Predictions are swayed by past trends, reviews, and campaign strategies from studios.

How have streaming platforms changed the movie awards season?

Platforms like Netflix have changed how we watch and honor movies. They’ve made a big impact with successful streaming originals.

What impact do awards have on a film’s success?

Awards can spike a movie’s box office and help careers. They raise visibility and open new opportunities in the industry.

Who are the dark horse contenders to watch during the awards season?

Dark horses are the surprising films or talents that might win big. They can shake up the race with unexpected nominations.

What are key dates and events to look out for during the awards season?

Watch for nomination announcements and voting deadlines. Dates for the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, BAFTAs, and Oscars are key. Keeping up with these helps you follow the season.

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