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10 Romantic TV Show Reviews for Couples

Is your significant other looking for a new TV show to binge watch with you? Stop right there! Here is a list of 10 shows that are great for couples to watch together if you’re looking for some romantic TV. These shows, from touching dramas to hilarious comedy, are guaranteed to deepen your connection with your significant other. Get yourself on the couch with some popcorn and prepare for some binge-worthy love stories!

1. Top Romantic TV Shows for Couples

The Outlander
2. We Are This. 3. The Crown
Four, Friends; Five, Grey’s Anatomy
Countdown: #6: The Office #7: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
8. The Theory of Everything
New Girl, No. 9
Gilmore Girls, No. 10

1.1. 1. The Crown

The Crown is a Netflix original dramatization of Queen Elizabeth II’s life and reign. The young monarch faces both political and personal obstacles as she grows up in a world that is constantly shifting. The Crown is a must-watch for any couple seeking a romantic and interesting TV show, thanks to its beautiful photography, great cast, and captivating storyline.

1.2. 2. Outlander

The television series Outlander is an adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s novels of the same name. A married combat nurse from 1945, Claire Randall finds herself inexplicably transported to Scotland in 1743. There, she meets the rugged Highlander Jamie Fraser and is drawn into the uprisings of the Jacobites. If you’re searching for a compelling show to watch together as a couple, go no farther than Outlander, which manages to strike the ideal balance between romance, adventure, and history.

1.3. 3. This Is Us

Following the Pearson family through multiple eras, This Is Us is a touching and profoundly moving drama series. The show examines love, family, and individual difficulties through the lens of Jack and Rebecca and their three children, Kate, Kevin, and Randall. With its award-winning writing, character growth, and acting, This Is Us is a must-see for any couple searching for an emotional television series.

1.4. 4. Grey’s Anatomy

Many people’s hearts have been won over by the long-running medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. The show chronicles the professional and personal lives of the medical staff at Seattle Grace Hospital, as well as the bonds they forge with their patients. Fans love the show in large part because of its heartwarming romances between beloved characters like Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd and Cristina Yang and Owen Hunt. Even while the show has addressed heavy themes like loss and trauma, it is the show’s central love story that has kept fans engaged.

1.5. 5. The Bachelor

Since its debut in 2002, The Bachelor has been a smashing success among reality TV viewers. A solitary male with his pick of several attractive women is the focus of this episode. The bachelor takes the women out on dates each week, voting off one or more of them until he is left with the one he wants to propose to. The show is well-known for its dramatic plots, passionate relationships, and occasionally divisive content. It’s become a phenomenon thanks to the many adaptations it’s inspired. Watching The Bachelor as a pair and talking about the season’s relationships and turmoil is a popular pastime.

2. Why Romantic TV Shows are Great for Couples

Together, couples can become closer as they watch romantic comedies on TV. The shared experience of watching these shows can be a great way to bond with others. They also provide couples with the opportunity to get a new appreciation for one another by seeing their relationship through fresh eyes. Watching a romantic TV show together is a wonderful way to unwind after a stressful day or week. Generally speaking, a couple’s relationship can benefit from watching romantic comedies together.

2.1. 1. Shared Emotional Experience

Couples might bond over a shared emotional experience by watching romantic comedies or dramas on television. Couples can become closer and strengthen their emotional connection through shared experiences, such as laughing at a comedic scene or crying together at a tragic one. Couples can develop a better knowledge of each other’s values and ideas, as well as learn more about each other’s likes and dislikes, by viewing romantic TV episodes together. As a whole, couples can grow closer together while enjoying romantic TV series.

2.2. 2. Sparking Conversation

Watching comedies or dramas about everyday people can be a terrific way for couples to bond. Love, relationships, and open dialogue are common topics on these shows, giving couples plenty of fodder for introspection and the promotion of mutual understanding. Couples can bond by a shared experience of watching romantic TV series, whether it’s laughing at the antics of a quirky pair or crying over a heartbreaking divorce.

2.3. 3. Building Intimacy

A terrific method for couples to bond is by watching romantic comedies or dramas together on TV. These shows frequently include characters and plots that viewers can relate to, which can lead to deeper conversations and stronger bonds. Couples might gain a deeper understanding of one another as they watch and talk about the episodes together. Plus, watching a television together might help people feel like they have a common bond and shared experience. Overall, romantic TV shows can be a great way to have fun and become closer together with your significant other.

2.4. 4. Improving Communication

Couples can strengthen their communication skills by watching romantic comedies together. These shows showcase nuanced interpersonal dynamics and intense emotional events that might encourage deep discussion between partners in committed partnerships. Couples can strengthen their relationships by viewing these episodes together and having meaningful conversations about them. In addition, couples can strengthen their bonds by spending quality time together doing something they both like, like watching television.

2.5. 5. Strengthening Bond

Together, couples can deepen their connection by watching romantic TV series. The ups and downs of relationships are frequently depicted on television, making it easy for viewers to connect and spark conversation between partners. Couples can strengthen their bonds by developing a shared interest and experience by viewing these shows together. So, if you want to strengthen your relationship with your significant other, try watching one of these shows together.

3. How to Choose the Right Romantic TV Show for You

Choosing a romantic TV show to watch with your special someone requires taking into account both of your tastes and interests. Do you want a romantic comedy or a serious drama? Do you like shows that take place in a particular era or geographical location? You should also check the show’s rating to make sure it’s appropriate for your tastes. It’s important to find a show that you both like and can relate to on some level emotionally if you want to have a successful romantic TV viewing experience.

3.1. 1. Common Interests

Finding a show that appeals to both of your tastes is essential when picking a romantic TV show to watch with your partner. There are some couples who would rather see a romantic comedy than a traditional love narrative. Think about what you two enjoy doing in your spare time and pick a program based on that. A good TV show is the perfect way to spend quality time with your significant other, whether you’re snuggled up on the couch or having a romantic night in.

3.2. 2. Balanced Viewpoints

When deciding on a romantic TV show to watch together, it’s best to take into account your partners likes and dislikes as well as your own. It’s also important to pick a show that doesn’t romanticize bad behaviors or promote unrealistic expectations in partnerships. Look for series with multifaceted, likable protagonists and plots that probe the complexities of interpersonal connections. Choosing the right romantic TV show to watch together can be a terrific way to strengthen your bond and start talking about your own relationship.

3.3. 3. Realistic Portrayals

It’s crucial to think about your expectations before settling on a romantic TV show. Some shows may aim for a more realistic picture of love and relationships, while others may give a more romanticized, fairy-tale romance. Look for shows that deal with real-world challenges and struggles if you want an honest portrayal of the highs and lows of romantic relationships. Even if they don’t end well, these shows often provide light on the complexity of romantic partnerships. Excellent choices include ‘Master of None,’ ‘Catastrophe,’ and ‘Easy.’

3.4. 4. Positive Messages

Take into account your partner’s preferences when deciding on a romantic TV show to watch together. What kind of movies do you like to see, comedy or dramatic thrillers? Do you want a story with a simple resolution, or would you rather learn about the complexities of actual human relationships? There’s bound to be a romantic TV show that you and your significant other will both like. Don’t rush into anything; instead, look around at your possibilities and try something new. It’s possible that you could discover your new favorite program.

3.5. 5. Quality Production

The production value of a show is crucial when picking a romantic program to watch with your partner. Having a well-made show can make the plot and characters more interesting to watch. Check out shows that have excellent production qualities like stunning cinematography, detailed sets and costumes, and believable performances from a cast. If you and your significant other want to have a truly memorable viewing experience, you should pick a show with high-quality production values.


In conclusion, couples seeking for a night in can’t go wrong with any of these 10 romantic shows. There’s a wide variety of romantic comedies and intense dramas for couples to bond over.

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